• Misty Gage

Your Dream Map

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Over the last few weeks we've determined what we want out of life, examined the everyday activities we don't like doing and taken an "up-close and personal" look at all the things we are amazing at.

By now you should have a pretty clear idea of what you want/don't want and where you should be heading to achieve them.

So here comes the fun part; last step in our challenge.

Challenge: Use the image above (or your own variation) to create you're very own road map. You can choose things you want to achieve right away or use various bubble lengths to separate your goals through the years. (Ex. Four shortest bubbles=1 year plan. Next four bubbles=5 year plan. Four mid-length bubbles=10 year plan, etc.)

Commit to filling in all your bubbles right now. You can go back and update as you reach your goals.

If you're feeling ambitious or want extreme clarity for your journey, jot down ways to make each of your goals a reality. For example: one of my goals is to be debt free. Well that's huge! So next to my goal bubble I penciled in $/month car payment for X amount of months followed by $/month credit card payment for X amount of months.

It's a great way to take that big goal, break it down into more attainable measures and keep you on track for achieving all of your dreams.

'til next time,