• Misty Gage

Wrong Turns

I’ve never found peace or joy in the jobs I’ve had over the years, mostly because I’ve been in retail all my life. It’s a physically, mentally and emotionally demanding line of work especially when you’re in management. Back when I didn’t know what I wanted to do or be I got sucked into the life of retail, it was easy to enter and required no experience to do. Little did I know I’d just stepped willing into a deep soul sucking abyss.

Don’t get me wrong; if you can survive the long hours, no benefits and hardly enough money to survive then more power to you but it’s not for everyone. Especially the timid or faint of heart. After 16 years in the industry, I can say with all certainty it’s not where I want to be or would have dreamed of ending up. And there’s no better time for change than now. I recently read an article about how many people choose money (not even good money) over our dreams. We often put our dream jobs and pursuits on hold because life, as we all know, gets complicated and we need to make ends meet.

When I first started in retail I didn’t know any better but boy I wish somebody had whispered “run as fast as possible” back then because I would have ran screaming for the hills. I’ve only stayed because bills need to be paid and I became part of the Michaels Arts and Crafts team about 6 years ago. My passion is arts and crafts so it seemed like a good place to be right. I’ve moved through the company fairly fast and I’m sure I could make plenty of other advancements but even in a place surround by arts and crafts I rarely enjoy my days at work and find myself farther and farther from my dreams.

My divorce made money a major priority but I’ve come to realize it’s not enough just to survive…I want happiness. I got divorced to be happy so why should I settle for anything less in my life or career. That’s when I decided to take a step back and access my life, my dreams and my goals. Arts and crafts are still my passions but not in the capacity my job offers. Looking back made me realize that once I stopped teaching creative classes to move up the ladder and scrape in that tiny bit of extra money was when work stopped being satisfying. Teaching, connecting with like-minded individuals, and sharing my days, life and creative passions with others is what makes me happiest. I’ve got a lot to offer the world and it’s a gift and blessing I intend to share from here on out.

For me, realizing my potential and dreams is about reaching something bigger and better than what I currently am. So why not have a big dream to reach for, no use in having a little one is there. I want to open my very own creative arts retreat center. I mean how amazing does that sound! Planning and organizing creative classes, workshops and retreats for other creative souls for a living…yes please! Sign me up!!

Now come the baby steps and sometimes leaps of faith to get me there. Though I continue to work at Michaels (for the time being) I’ve already gone back to teaching creative classes and am currently planning my first retreat!

Wish me luck.

'Til next time,


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