• Misty Gage

Why Do You Do That?

What sparks your creative passions? Does it set fire to your soul? Make your heart yearn to create?

We all have our thing (or things) that ignite our passions. Those things that make us want to pour our heart and soul into them. Those things that make our dreams seem that much closer to reality. Those things that launch us straight into action without a second thought. Those things that speak directly to our soul.

Have you ever really stopped and thought about what actually inspires you to do what you do? I bet you'd be surprised by how much life inspires you!

Maybe yours is a person or a specific place. Maybe its a song or a special memory.

For me it's nature! There's so much beauty and inspiration all around; it's simply astounding to think of all the magic and possibilities right before my eyes.

Each vibrant color, delicate petal, blade of grass, fluffy cloud, setting sun and vast expanse is a masterpiece I wish I could keep forever.

Just being outside brightens my entire outlook, lifts my spirits and clears my head. There's a simplicity and calm that can only be found when you wander away from the crowd.

There's so much to see, touch, smell, taste and experience. Nature brings me back to myself, to where I'm no longer what the world sees or even what I think I am but to a place my spirit is free and at peace.

It's no wonder most of my artwork and creative endeavors incorporate some form of nature. It's home to me.

Our creative passions and inspirations are guides along our journey. They are truth spoken from our heart. Trust them, follow them, let them lead you to all the joys life has to offer.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

'Til next time,


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