• Misty Gage

Who You Are

Have you ever felt like more than one person? Like your passions and your personality just don't mesh? Or that you're constantly pulling yourself in too many directions?

For me (and countless others, I'm sure) this is an everyday thing. For example, I'm an organized control freak but I'm also a fly by the seat of my pants creative artist. Or how about this, I love sleek modern white with pops of bright color but I'm in love with vintage and upcycling.

When I was growing up I literally felt like I never belonged anywhere and everywhere all at the same time. To say this is overwhelming and complicated is a sever understatement. When I was married I wanted to be that "perfect" wife but I also needed to be who I really was. As most of you know that didn't turn out so well.

Now, I'm free to be me yet still struggle with who that actually is now and then. The great thing that crafting has taught me over the years is that "you" is a fluid, ever changing concept. I can be as free with myself and my life as I am with my art as long as I hold true to who I am. And even though my head may not know who that is all the time, my heart always does.

I love what I love, do the things that make me happy and avoid the things that don't like the plague. Life, just like crafting and art aren't about being perfect, having all the answers or knowing where you're going before you start; it's about enjoying what makes you smile, experiencing what warms your heart and staying true to that inner voice that tells you this, this is who you are!

It's okay to eclectic, to love multiple things at the same time and to change as often as you want. I know the struggle is real and sometimes extremely frustrating but if you remember to breath and just enjoy the ride, life is always waiting to take us on an adventure.

'Til next time,


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