• Misty Gage

Who is This Girl I See?

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Today I got to experience something that really made me take a step back and look at myself. Though the experience was unpleasant the result of my self evaluation was a major eye opener.

After my divorce, I was finally able to reboot myself back to a clean slate and start all over.

One of the greatest things about that was no longer caring what others thought. It was a tremendous weight off my shoulders. I no longer feel judged and care very little about what anyone thinks of me, I'm not everyone's cup of tea and I'm more than ok with that.

Today however made me realize that things have been simmering under the surface for far too long and I've let them bleed over into my personality.

I've allowed that "don't care" attitude and a ton of stress/outside influences to effect the way I see other people and how I react to them.

I've forgotten that no matter what kind of things I am going through others are going through stuff too and even if their not, what I'm going through isn't their fault. Just because they are around doesn't mean they deserve the brunt of my stress, guilt or anger.

I know this!

I see it every day at my work and I hate it! Customers come in and think they can treat you like garbage because their day isn't going right.

Misery loves company and all that right.


You can imagine how applaud I was this morning, when I realized this. I DO NOT want to be that person! EVER for any reason what-so-ever. I am not her and you'll be happy to know she's been buried away where she belongs again.

No one knows what others are dealing with behind the scenes. We all have struggles, we all have frustrations and guess what? We're all in it together, doing the best we can in a world that stresses us, pushes us to our limits and tests our patience.

So take my advice; step back when you feel yourself becoming someone else especially someone you can't stand, ask yourself what is causing you to be this way and wipe it out immediately.

You don't have to be an ass just because the world feels like it's full of them.

Take a breath and let the beautiful you shine brighter than that anger, frustration, stress and rude influences. Be the light and the goodness, not just another one of the crowd.

'til next time,


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