• Misty Gage

When Life Changes

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Change, as I often say, is inevitable. It doesn't ask for permission or wait around for you to be ready, it just happens out of nowhere and usually when you least expect it.

Change for me, though hard sometimes, is always seen as an incredible thing. Even when the change is horrible or life altering I believe something amazing always comes out of it.

Whether it's realizing how strong you really are or how deeply you loved someone/something, change is a blessing when you make the choice to see it that way. We are all the creators of our own lives and how we choose to see the world will impact our outcomes.

Change teaches you valuable lessons, show's you what you're made of, helps you see where you can grow, how you can prosper, and clears clutter from your life among countless other things. It can move you from something great to something AMAZING if you let it!

Change is the way of the universe, noting ever remains the same and holding on to something so tightly, trying to avoid change, inevitably makes losing it all more likely.

When your world changes, know deep in your soul that there is a reason. That breathing and transitioning through it will lead you to a new knowledge, strength or place that you may never have reached without it.

Know that you are not alone. The rest of the world is changing with you, every second of every day.

'til next time,


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