• Misty Gage

When I Grow Up

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

As part of our kids at heart party last weekend each of us created a "when I grow up" piece of artwork. The project is super simple yet plenty of fun.

Most kids say things like "astronaut" or "doctor" when they're asked this question so it was pretty interesting to see what each of us, as adults, wrote and how simple things are what we really want now.

1. Using your PC and printer, print "When I grow up I'm going to be" across the top of your watercolor paper.

2. Round up a few waterproof containers and fill with bubble solution (water and dish soap).

3. Stir in watercolor paint. Use one container for each color.

4. Using your bubble wand and watercolors, blow bubbles directly onto your watercolor paper in any combo/pattern you want.

5. Let dry.

6. Using a Sharpie or other pen write what you want to be.

What you'll need:

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paint

Bubble solution

Waterproof containers

Bubble wands


Happy Crafting,


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