• Misty Gage

What's perfect?

The world is full of nay-sayers and negative Nancy's. There's always someone who's going to put you down, hate what you do or simply take their problems out on you.

Even though the world would be a better place without all that negativity, let's face it, we're just not there yet.

Each of us has a responsibility to change the world and make it better. You know how you do that? One small step at a time. Be the beautiful person you want to be. Be yourself! Be amazing and unique.

Maybe the "you" you are right now doesn't feel quite right but really is there such a thing as perfect? Just do what makes you happy.

There's always room for growth. Perfect for me right this second might be totally wrong tomorrow and my perfect may never be perfect for you. So why do we all keep trying to fit ourselves into a "perfect" little box of what the world expects us to be.

Why do we constantly push our beliefs and expectations onto everyone around us? Each of us is special and none of us will ever be the same no matter how many similarities we have in common.

Every conflict in the world comes when one person (or a group of them) chooses to inforce their beliefs, expectations, knowledge, and views onto others.

So next time someone tries to bring you down don't take it personally, smile, walk away and remember their life isn't yours, their negativity isn't either.

Never forget that each of us is struggling to find our balance, our place, ourselves and a small word of encouragement in a world of negativity can change everything. Find the strength to encourage others no matter what.

If you ignore all that negativity and just be who you are, peace will find you and so will love.

Til next time,


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