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What I Want

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

While visiting handmadeology.com yesterday I ran across an article by Lisa Jacobs that had a fun activity I want to share with you.

Many of us love complaining (I'm right there with you) or placing the blame on someone/something else, day in and day out. But how many of us turn that accusing finger inward and ask ourselves those really hard questions?

Or better yet, maybe you ask the questions but you hate the answers or you totally ignore them and just keep trucking.

Well that's getting us nowhere fast isn't it?

So here's the activity I picked up. Over the next four weeks I'll give you a challenge. Yeah you heard me, a challenge, and that means homework.

I see you cringing over there but bare with me. These challenges aren't meant for you to bash your life, color it with negativity or place any blame on anything. They are meant for you to step back, take a deep breath, really examine where you are and ultimately DREAM BIG!

Challenge: Use the chart above (or your own variation) to determine what you really want out of life and as Lisa says "don’t you dare put easy things on that list!" Have fun and reach for those stars.

They say things are easier to achieve when you can see them in writing so get at least 10 of each down.

Please keep in mind that this challenge can be centered around your daily life, your business or both. The choice is yours.

'til next time,


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