• Misty Gage

What I Don't Like

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Last week I shared a challenge I picked up from Lisa Jacobs at Handmadeology about doing some self examination and finding out what you really want out of life.

Did you rise to the challenge?

How did it make you feel?

Mine made me realize that I'm a dreamer, there's no doubt about it! I have HUGE dreams and ENORMOUS desires I want out of life but (there's always a but right) it also showed me that though I may want those things with all my heart I'm not doing so well on making them happen.

I firmly believe I can't change things I don't know about. Live and learn right!

So here's our next step and this week's challenge.

Remember: these challenges aren't meant for you to bash your life, color it with negativity or place any blame on anything. They are meant for you to step back, take a deep breath, really examine where you are and ultimately DREAM BIG!

Challenge: Use the chart above (or your own variation) to weed out things you really don't like in your life over the week.

NOTE: (and this is incredibly IMPORTANT) this isn't a complaining session! We can all fill up hundreds of pages with complaints alone. This challenge is meant to help you examine your life out and determine what's draining your time, energy, motivation and desire. By examining these things you'll get better clarification on what needs improvement, what to make changes on and what needs to be cut out of your life completely.

Why not take it one step further and jot down the reason behind why you are doing these unlikable tasks or what their cause is. I guarantee finding the root cause will shed a great deal of light on the subject.

Get at least 5 of each down in writing.

Here are some examples Lisa uses:

Physical: Your body and physical space. (I'm bloated, my back hurts, the bathrooms dirty and I don't want to clean, etc.).

Relational: Everything you have a relationship with (boss, family, plants, pets, yourself, etc.).

Financial: All money issues (no extra money, expensive bills, minimum wage, emergency expenses, etc.).

Spiritual: Anything that unsettles your wellbeing and balance (stress, constant worrying, diet, health issues, etc.).

Mental: Distractions that affect your attention, focus and time management (watching too much tv, browsing the internet, huge to do list, etc.).

'til next time,


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