• Misty Gage

What Dreams May Come

As promised here's the last little piece of my spring mantel makeover. If you missed it catch up here.

I love creative ideas, tiny whispers of inspiration that stir my soul to weave dreams into reality. This beautiful little dreamcatcher grew from a quick idea into the perfect finishing touch.

As much as I enjoy how it turned out I've got to tell you, this was not my favorite project and will probably be my first and last attempt at making a dreamcatcher. It was a bit too tedious for my liking and my carpal tunnel didn't enjoy it one bit but I did it! Just like I wanted and it looks great with the rest of the new décor.

Make sure you follow the directions provided with your kit or look some up if you've never made a dreamcatcher before. This will make your pattern weaving much simpler and save some frustration.

Once you're done add varying lengths of ribbon and twine to the bottom of your dreamcatcher. Tie off and secure with a small amount of glue.

Add any feathers, beads or flowers to the ends of your ribbon/twine you choose. Secure with a small amount of glue again.

What you'll need:

Dreamcatcher kit (or all the components and instructions)




Beads (optional)

Feathers (optional)

Flowers (optional)


Happy Crafting,


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