• Misty Gage


I picked up this big ol' bag of wine corks at an unsale (it's a yard sale but everything is free) last summer and it's been waiting around for the lightbulb to go off in my brain.

I'm happy to report it finally did and these cork necklaces are one of the things I made. They are incredibly easy to make, are perfect for any wine enthusiast and can be shortened to make a car charm or ornament (incase the recipient isn't that into jewelry).

1. Poke an eye pin into the center top and bottom of the cork. I used a tiny bit of glue to make sure they stay.

2. Add a bead to another eye pin then use your round nose pliers and a pair of needle nose pliers to make a second loop at the top. Attach this to the top of your wine cork.

3. Attach a jump ring and your length of chain to the empty eye pin at the top of the cork.

4. Cut 5 lengths of chain (any size you want) and attach to the bottom eye pin with a jump ring.

5. Add charms and beads to your dangling chains with eye pins, jump rings or head pins, depending on their locations along the chain.

And there you go, you're all ready to show off your new jewelry. Easy peasy right!

What you'll need:


Jump rings



Eye pins

Wine corks

Needle nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Wire cutters

Head pins

Happy Crafting,


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