• Misty Gage

Tiny Spaces

Divorce was a huge life changer for me so I figured why not go all in and change everything, this was the perfect time. I packed up everything I could fit in my little Dodge Neon including my two beloved dogs and drove off, heading away from the pain and loss to a new beginning in Washington. My mother, in desperate need of a life change as well, came with me. We've occupied our tiny two bedroom apartment ever since. As you can imagine, life in a tiny space can be quite a challenge for a creative spirit, even one as organized as me.

My bedroom doubles as my studio now & I'm finally getting it the way that works best for me. Every day brings new challenges for utilizing every possible inch without making myself feel claustrophobic and living in a rental provides it's own dilemmas for personalization. But, life's about loving what you've got not being miserable wanting what you don't.

With gray skies 9 months out of the year, bringing sunshine into the space was my first priority. Luckily my complex allows you to paint as long as you repaint when you leave. The vibrancy the room has now from just one wall of color change is incredible. Next came color, my personal favorites (incase my color scheme didn't tip you off) are pink, green and blue. I just love that color combo and can't get enough of it. It recharges my spirit and zaps creativity straight into my bloodstream.

I made sure to create a vision board that hangs proudly on my wall. I want to run my own creative arts retreat center in the future and this helps me to see my dream every day and reminds me that even though it's a struggle it will be worth it in the end. Now came the tricky part...organizing my overflowing supplies and finished projects. I'm massively visual and hands-on which makes tiny spaces difficult to keep de-cluttered but I have to see my stuff or I'll forget it's even there and no body likes letting things go to waste.

Welcome to the world of organized chaos! Every crafter experiences it at least once on their journey's, right? Though my craft table spends much of it's time unusable it makes a great hidy-hole for my canvases and other various finished projects. I hope to have a better, more permanent storage solution soon since my crafting tends to run over into the rest of the apartment and leaves little space for my mother to relax. I'm so very grateful to her for her support and willingness to put up with my crafting supplies running amuck.

So there you have it. My little chunk of the world, where all my big ideas become reality and life goes on the way it always does; stress, clutter, joy and creation all mashed up together. I wouldn't want it any other way.

'Til next time,


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