• Misty Gage

Thrive & Flourish Journal

I just love creating upcycled cereal box journals. It bring me peace of mind knowing my "investment" is being reused.

My box of cereal may have only cost me five or six bucks but when you eat as much cereal as I do that total sure does add up and I want to make sure someone is getting my money's worth out of it.

It also gives me an unlimited supply of "canvas", inspiration and countless ways to express myself. It's spectacular!

Why not thrive and flourish using what's useful and already lying around.

1. Gather up 10-20 paper lunch bags and an empty cereal box.

2. Cut the bottoms of all the paper bags off.

3. Cut both sides off each bag so you have 2 flat "pages". Set aside.

4. Use one of your paper bag pages to determine the size of your cover.

5. Cut your cereal box cover out, making sure to leave a 1/4"-1/2" (depending on how many pages you're using) binding area. Example: Front cover 4x8", binding 1/4x8", back cover 4x8".

6. Spread a thin layer of gesso over the cover and let dry.

7. Gather up your paints. I chose: metallic blue, copper and purple along with a satin brown acrylic.

8. Randomly smear three of your four paints over the cover, letting each dry before applying the next. Use as many layers as you'd like. I chose to keep some of the gesso showing to add in another color.

9. Using a stencil and your last paint color, scrape paint through the stencil onto the cover. This creates a raised texture. Let dry.

10. Using Stazon ink, stamp your image into the center of the cover and onto a piece of acetate.

11. Using precision scissors, cut out your acetate image.

12. Stencil your phrase/title onto your cover around your stamped image.

13. Using an all purpose adhesive, adhere your acetate image onto the cover over your stamped image, creating a dimensional object.

What you'll need:

10-20 small paper bags

Cereal box

Precision scissors

Paper trimmer

All purpose Glue


Acrylic paints

Paint brush(s)



Stazon Ink


Happy Crafting,


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