• Misty Gage

The Wild River

As you know I'm a huge nature enthusiast and outdoors woman. I love being outside surrounded by nature. Being one with Mother Nature not only nourishes your spirit but it also teaches valuable lessons.

Whether its hiking a mountain, strolling around a lake or visiting a local beach Mother Nature's there to guide and teach us if we are willing to listen.

Take a river for example, it doesn't matter if it's extreme like White River in Oregon or Lochsa River in Idaho, massive like the Missouri or Mississippi Rivers or meandering like Deschutes River or Little Hoko River in Washington, all teach valuable lessons.

Lesson 1: A river never stops and asks for directions.

A river doesn't ask what direction it should flow or where it should head next. A river just is and it goes the way it wants.

Lesson 2: A river doesn't let obstacles stand in it's way.

Water is the most powerful force on earth, it can literally move mountains! When something gets in it's way it just continues to do it's thing with perseverance and determination. Eventually it will overcome by destroying the obstacles or finding a way around them. It doesn't decided to give up or head back the other way when something stops it.

Lesson 3: A river may go off course but always finds its way.

There are thousands upon thousands of obstacles in a river's way every single day. A river doesn't get mad or even distracted. Nope, it just heads on its merry way until it reaches its destination no matter what pushes it off course. Sometimes that short stent off course can make it all the more beautiful.

Lesson 4: A river plunges into the unknown.

A river is bold and daring. It never seeks out the safest route. It knows its direction and it goes head first knowing there will be obstacles along the way.

Lesson 5: A river can thrive in any condition.

From bustling cities to lush rainforest to barren deserts, rivers are found throughout the world. They adapt to their environment and go with what they are given. They are resilient.

Lesson 6: A river runs it's course.

A river doesn't fear the end. It runs its course to wherever it is headed no matter what awaits it. It puts itself out there for the world to see, ever changing and growing, giving everyday it's all. When the end of it's journey is reached it doesn't hesitate or retreat, it merges, becoming one with something bigger than itself.

So the next time you're feeling distracted or discouraged find yourself a river. It's lessons are invaluable and the peace it can bring to your life is priceless.

'til next time,


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