• Misty Gage

The Reason Behind the Why

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Growing up in a low-income home with an abusive, neglectful, drug addicted father meant things like creativity and imagination weren't considered ways to make a living. Every penny mattered; rent, bills and feeding three little girls was what was important.

My father went so far as to tell me I couldn't be a cartoonist (something I really wanted to be when I was young) because it wasn't a real job. It's amazing how much one corruptive thought, placed by the wrong person can crush endless dreams.

I grew up obsessed with being what I thought I was supposed to be, doing all those things women get sucked into thinking we need to do to be successful and happy. Anyone born before 2000 probably knows (or at least has some idea) what I'm talking about: going to college, getting married, having kids and no career.

I wanted so desperately to be accepted and loved that I lost myself being what I thought everyone else wanted me to be. Luckily my creative spirit stuck with me through it all I found my way back to a life I love.

It wasn't until my divorce that creativity entered my life again in a big way. Creativity's opened my eyes to a world of possibilities where I can be myself without fear of judgement or rejection. It's lead me to beautiful friends and amazing experiences I never thought I deserved. Not only did creativity become a way of life for me but it also became an outlet.

It's a place where there are no boundaries, no limitations, no judgements and no fear. I can do anything I want. I can create masterpieces or simple crafts for fun. I can try as many new things as I want and my possibilities are only limited by my own imagination.

It still amazes me what freedom and personal growth came from my divorce (and not the typical "yay no husband or ties" kind of way) but in an actual physical, mental and emotional way. I became an entirely different person through creativity.

I lost my fears/insecurities and finally understood that today is all we have, why not live it to the fullest no matter what anyone else may think or tell you. Being happy is in your hands and it's your choice to seek happiness.

My creative journey has lead me to a more adventurous (definitely less shy) version of myself. I've meet amazing people along my way who have supported me, loved me, encouraged me and empowered me to pursue my dreams.

Through them and my pursuit of creativity and happiness amazing opportunities have opened before my eyes. Things I never knew to hope for. Things I never believed could be a part of my life. My experiences have enriched my life and strengthened my courage and faith in myself beyond anything I can even explain.

And though I am still learning every day (and never plan to stop) I want to share that sense of joy, courage and empowerment with others. I want others to know the blessing creative living can be and to help them embrace their inner creative with open arms.

It's time we all take our creativity back! And I'm going to be right at the front lines helping others along the way.

'til next time,


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