• Misty Gage

The Love of an Angel

I have been madly, head-over-heels in love with the beautiful little girl from the second I laid eyes on her.

She was a tiny little ball of fur all alone in a great big room at the pound when I stumbled upon her. I was wandering with a friend and had no intention of getting another dog but love makes the heart do things that logic just can't control.

She was the other half of my soul; how could I not bring her home.

In her I saw myself; a scared little girl, trying to be brave but lost and abandoned, looking for love and a place to call home. Her eyes echoed everything I felt and in each other we would find ourselves.

We've been through numerous moves, countless changes, loss of loved ones and a lifetime of joy. I've chased her through the desert in the middle of June when she got lost and spent too many hours to count showering her with unconditional love in which I was rewarded with sloppy kisses and endearing doggy grins.

She's brought so much joy, love and acceptance into my life that I can't even adequately describe how happy loving her has made me. She is my everything.

She will forever be the love of my life and looking back over our lives together will always be a blessing.

Though I've had to say goodbye to my beloved companion, best friend and love of my life I know that she will watch over me for years to come alongside her big brother Shadow and that one day my journey will lead me back to their sides.

Thank you, my angel, for loving me unconditionally for the last 16 years. For bringing such joy to my life that I will cherish for the rest of my days. You will always be my love and the other half of my soul.


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