• Misty Gage

The Hobbies We Love

Updated: May 8, 2019

It's no big secret that feeling good about your hobbies makes you feel good about yourself. Just like putting on that favorite outfit you just can't get enough of; doing something you're good at builds confidence, happiness, and love/belief in yourself. Bottom line, it feeds your soul and sparks life within you.

Crafting allows you to form deeper more meaningful connections with yourselves and culltivates passion and self-acceptance.

What do you love doing?

Are you a jeweler? Maybe a mixed media artist or photographer. Perhaps you make custom candles or fine art? How about sewing Barbie clothes or cooking pancakes that look like trendy icons?

It doesn't really matter what you love doing as long as you love doing it. Even if those hobbies/passions seem trivial to other people. What's important is that you love them and that they make you happy.

When you're happy you radiate happiness, self-confidence and joy to the world and honestly, the world could use a lot more of those things right now don't you think?

Remember: you do things NO ONE else does. Your thoughts & dreams, talents and abilities are uniquely you. NO ONE else can be you, no matter how hard they try. The same goes for you, you are YOU and no one else.

Your hobbies/passions are a part of you. Many people may share them but you are the only one who does them your way.

Love what you do and share that love with the world.

'til next time,


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