• Misty Gage

So Thankful Banner

With my favorite holiday quickly approaching I figured it was time to start creating something beautiful to celebrate.

Yeap that's right, Thanksgiving! Its almost here guys! All that amazing good, feelings of comfort and home and of course spectacular company. What more could a girl need?

Not much it seems. The simplicity of this season brings utter peace to my heart. I love that the world doesn't obsess with gifts instead focusing on being together, sharing something special and having a great time.

1. Choose a cardstock with a soft pattern and color.

2. Cut eight 3x6" rectangles.

3. Without making an actual crease, fold the bottom two corners of one of your rectangles together and cut into the center about 1" up and over. This creates the banner shape.

4. Use your banner as a template to cut the rest of your rectangles.

5. Punch two holes in the top of each banner.

6. Stamp your image across the top of each banner making sure not to stamp over your holes.

7. Color in your stamped images.

8. Hand-write or use a diecut machine/stickers for your lettering.

9. Thread your twine/ribbon through the front of each of your banners.

10. Secure your banners with a small amount of tape/glue on the back.

11. Leave enough twine/ribbon to hang your banner and trim the rest.

What you'll need:


Paper trimmer


Standard hole punch

Stamp and ink pad

Markers/colored pencils

Pen/stickers/diecut machine



Happy Crafting,