• Misty Gage

Sleeping Beauties

I just cant get enough of upcycling! I LOVE it! It's pretty easy for something to catch my eye and inspire me to create, everything is a target. So while wandering through the home department of the Tukwila Value Village I stumbled upon a pillowcase I instantly fell in love with. Not only was it a gorgeous floral print but it was also in a lovely blue and had a lacy trim. Whatever could I make with it? Right that second, I didn't know and I didn't care...it was coming home with me.

As I continued to browse, the perfect idea came to mind. Why not make it into a purse! The pattern screamed to be shown off and I already had a fabulous denim back home that was a perfect match for the blues. It was going to make such a lovely purse...and I don't even carry a purse, like ever! But I couldn't resist, this is what it was destined to be and so it was.

I used the leftover denim I had to create the inside lining and even worked the sewing out to make the bag completely reversible. Took me several tries to accomplish since I was making it from scratch, not using any short of pattern and had never made a bag in my life. Luckily, it was meant to be and I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous handbag I get a ton of compliments on.

I've since created an entire line of Sleeping Beauties! I love pursuing the thrift stores in search of that perfect forgotten pillowcase and telling everyone who asks about them what they started out as. It's fun to see their faces when they learn how great of a purse an old pillowcase can make.

Happy Crafting,


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