• Misty Gage

Simply Fall Banner

I am so in LOVE with fall! Its become an obsession and taken over all of my crafting. To be honest though, I really don't mind.

Fall is such a magical, inspiring time of year for me so devoting all my crafting to it's wonder is a blessing.

Today's project is all about fall and simplicity, with mother nature doing all the work. She's creating beautiful paintings, works of art and amazing landscapes right before our eyes this very moment...why not enjoy it?

1. Get outside and enjoy a nice fall walk while collecting your leaves.

2. Cover each leaf, front and back, in a layer of gel medium. Let both sides dry 100%.

3. Gather up several sheets of cardstock. For fall, try something with a light pattern and color.

4. Cut as many 4x6" rectangles as you want (or as many as your paper allows).

5. Cut a length of twine/ribbon the desired length of your banner and add about 8" so it will hang.

6. Fold over 1/2" of the top of each rectangle, making a crease.

7. Using the crease as a guide, glue each rectangle around the twine leaving 1" in between each.

8. Glue each leaf into the center of your rectangles. DO NOT use hot glue as the heat will cause your leaves to wilt.

What you'll need:

Fresh leaves



Gel medium


Paper trimmer


Happy Crafting,


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