• Misty Gage


I am a huge fan of Ranger Ink! If you've never used their stuff you're seriously missing out and have got to give them a try.

Tim Holtz and Dylusions are my faves!!!! The grunginess of Tim Holtz' line is spectacular for adding visual interest and layers to cards and mixed media work and the bright vibrant colors offered in the Dylusions line are just to die for.

Some of my most reached for items in my arsenal of awesome belong to these lines and let me tell you they never grow outta style 'cause you can do so much with them.

But I digress, the intent behind mentioning Ranger Ink was simply to share today's card creation.

You Shine Brightly is extremely easy to make and lots of fun to play around with. The first thing you need to do is cut a black rectangle 1/4" smaller than your card base(mine is 4.75x6.25" for a 5x6.5" card base). Adhere it to the center of your card base.

Next cut a white rectangle 1/2" smaller than the black one (mine is 4.25x5.75"). Lay your white rectangle on some plastic or other disposable material. Now grab up all your favorite spray inks (like I said I love Dylusions so that's what I used).

Spray them in any combination or pattern you like. You may want to have extra rectangles available incase you want to make others or just don't like the way one turns out. I love putting several rectangles together then spraying them all as one, makes for interesting pieces and less time.

Any who, once you've completed spraying, move your rectangle(s) to another piece of plastic so they can dry properly. Dry time varies but be sure to check them before continuing, if you pick them up and feel any sort of dampness they're not ready.

Now that your rectangle(s) is dry adhere it to the center of your black rectangle. Choose your favorite stamp and any color ink you'd like (I went with black so it wouldn't get lost amongst all the other color) and stamp anywhere on the colored rectangle you'd like.

Isn't it pretty!?!

What you need:

Black cardstock

White cardstock

Card base (premade or make your own)


3-5 spray inks


Paper trimmer


Ink pad

Happy Crafting,


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