• Misty Gage

Sharing With Others

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Spending hours at my craft table, which usually winds up being my dining room table since mine’s exploded again, is where I’m happiest…when I’m not out taking photos that is. The thing I love most about crafting is sharing my work with others.

It’s exhilarating having others be as in love with something I’ve created as I am. I mean who doesn’t love a “your work is so beautiful” every now and then. In all honestly though it’s much more than that for me. I love sharing everything about my art with others from the journey including tips, techniques and photos along the way to the finished piece.

Which is why I want to run my own creative retreats center and (for the time being) have opened my home to others so they can create their own beautiful works of art. Each class is influenced by my love of upcycling, mixed media and papercrafting.

I offer a variety of classes straight out of my tiny apartment living room for the simple joy of watching someone use my ideas and their creativity to make it their very own. It’s a truly magnificent moment when my friends and students hold up a finished project beaming with happiness at what they’ve created.

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