• Misty Gage

Sending Love

It's a simple truth, beauty is all around us. Mother nature embraces us with it. You and I are filled with it. The world is BEAUTIFUL! And yet, we need more of it with every passing day.

There are so many people who can't see beauty. They focus too much on the negatives. They believe they aren't worthy or beautiful enough to be loved (even by themselves). The world is full of hate and it's doing it's best to destroy all the beauty that remains.

So, today I'm challenging each of you to share beauty with someone else. Can you share a smile or friendly hello with a stranger? Maybe an old friend needs a reminder that you care. Perhaps you can show a child how to appreciate mother nature.

It doesn't matter how you share beauty, just share it. Share it with one person, share it with everyone you know, share it with the world. We'll all be happy you did!

What you need:

White cardstock

Background color cardstock

Accent color cardstock


Paper trimmer

Stamp pad

Ink pad

Fine tip pen

1. Cut a 7x10" rectangle of white cardstock and fold in half to create your card base.

2. Cut a 4.5x6.5" rectangle of your background cardstock and adhere to the center of your card base.

3. Cut a 3.5x5.5" rectangle of your accent cardstock and adhere to the center of your background color.

4. Cut a 2.5x4.5" rectangle of white cardstock and adhere to the center of your accent cardstock.

5. Stamp you favorite phrase into the center of the white rectangle.

6. Use a fine tip pen in a coordinating color to trace some of your phrase. This adds depth and style to your writing.

Happy Crafting,


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