• Misty Gage

Russell Stover Mixed Media Box: Part 4

I know I said I was putting finishing touches on this week but it turns out there was more to be done.

For starters I chose a space for my frame and glued it in place. While it was drying I glued my pressed rose into the center of the frame then glued my glass along the top of the frame. I did this because my rose was too large to be placed under the glass while it was inside the frame.

My next step was to adhere a chipboard word to the top corner of my frame, adding dimension and visual interest. Now came the flowers.... and YES they are all hand-cut and rolled. Mom, graciously helped me to roll a few since there were so many. You can use a Cricut style machine or a punch to make the flower bases and roll from there but I like to cut each by hand since it gives them a uniqueness I adore (keep an eye out for the upcoming tutorial on making hand-rolled flowers).

I spread my flowers around the canvas until I found a layout I loved then glued them down using my hot glue gun. From there, I spread my store bought flowers on a piece of plastic before spraying them with the two spray inks I've been using throughout the project. I intentionally left the flipside of the flowers and petals cream to give it some extra color variation.

Once dry I arranged them with the others and glued them down. My final step for the evening came after digging through my junk box where I found a handful of leather buttons. They made cute centers for several of my roses and added great texture.

'Til next time,


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