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Russell Stover Mixed Media Box: Part 3

With my vacation wrapping up today, I've spent the week busy with several creative pursuits that needed my attention and a few wonderful ventures I wasn't even expecting. That being said, I didn't get to dedicate as much time to my Russell Stover box as I'd planned. But that's ok, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and be ok with what does and doesn't happen.

So this week, I just added a few very simple details to the box itself. This was the easy part. Using my fingers, I spread small amounts of metallic copper acrylic paint over one of my favorite stencils. I did this randomly over the whole surface of the box to give it more color pop and texture.

With that done I moved on to the frame accent I'm planning on using for the finished piece. As you can see in the pic...it looks completely different than it started. I purchased several of these frames from Value Village months ago because I loved the crackle effect they had, then later sprayed random colors of ink all over them. Unfortunately, I didn't care for the way they turned out so they went back into the drawer to wait.

When I retrieved it for this project I did a quick coat of gesso over the colors to prep it for painting. Then came the long and tedious process of spraying it down again. I used the same color sprays I used on the box last week but wanted the frame darker so it took several coats of spray with dry time in between.

I eventually got it the way I wanted, before I ran out of patience, and was able to move on. My last step for the night was to apply a tiny metallic glow around the frame, using my finger and copper acrylic once again.

Next week I'll be working on the little details and finishing touches so stay tuned.

Happy Crafting,


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