• Misty Gage

Russell Stover Mixed Media Box: Part 2

Here it is, week two of the Russell Stover candy box transformation and I've got to say I'm loving it. Though it's a long way from finished it's turning out beautifully.

The first thing I decided to do was use some distressed cardstock I've had for years with some gel medium to create a textured background across the top of the box. I tore my paper up and adhered it around the box using the gel. I made sure to leave some empty holes for the box top to show through. This gives it more texture and color variation.

From there I painted the "holes" and several small areas of cardstock with Parchment colored acrylic. This gave it a softer, faded look and helped to tie all the cardstock together. Once this new layer was dry I sprayed the whole thing with Java colored Walnut ink then used a tissue to smear the color over the box, creating tons of color variation (which I LOVE!).

For added color I sprayed a smaller amount of Dylusions Cherry Pie ink across the surface and again blended it with the same tissue. This helped to blend both the colors together and create unity.

And that's where I've left it for the night, waiting for future creative exploration. Bet you wouldn't even guess it was the same old candy box I started with if I hadn't told you, huh?

Make sure to check in next week for more progress reports.

Happy Crafting,


P.S. Incase you missed the start of this creative project you can catch up here:



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