• Misty Gage

Rags to Riches

Even though I haven't bought a single piece of jewelry in years, creating my own instead, I'm not what I'd call a jewelry designer. I dabble...see a design I love; oh yeah, I'm making that baby. Find a bead that's simply too stunning not to be worn....instant inspiration!

Inspired by Melinda Barnett's Extraordinary Earrings in the August 2016 issue of Greencraft magazine I grabbed up some beautifully simple fabric I'd purchased from my favorite little store, Tinkertopia then went after my painting supplies. Using a half and half solution of water and acrylic craft paint I soaked my fabric in a lovely purple shade several different times to achieve the proper tone. While I left them to dry, I picked out two beads from my collection, (a light purple with intricate silver leaves dancing around the bead. Not being a huge purple fan I figured I'd probably never use them but decided they were pretty enough not to give up. Glad I made that decision when my twin sister gave them too me) two eyelet pins, two bead caps and two fish-hooks. Now I was ready to create!

I'm big on simple, and I definitely don't like complicated so once my fabric was dry I simply folded it in half creating two dangles of fabric. Next I wrapped one end of my eyelet pin through the bead cap and around the fabric, this way no one sees the inner-workings. Next I secured my beads to the fabric dangles and again to the fish-hooks. And there they were, one of the simplest sets of earrings I've made to date but also one of my favorites. They're the perfect combination of vintage chic meets modern beauty. Months later I even found the perfect shirt to go with my earrings at our local Value Village. I relish being able to create that perfect piece to accent any outfit and express my creative spirit along the way.

Happy Crafting,


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