• Misty Gage

Racing Time

Ever feel like your constantly racing against time? Cramming every possible second with every possible task in need of completion?

I do! I'm constantly on the go, feeling like time's running out, I'm being left behind, and there just needs to be more hours in the day. Which I know are all ridiculous things to think. If I had more time each day I'd just fill it with more mundane, unnecessary task that I deem are important enough to occupy my precious time.

Work is probably the worst for me. I waist countless hours stressing about getting everything done. I spend so many extra hours busting my booty to pick up other's slack. And for what? To turn around and do it all over again tomorrow....

Boy that hurts! What makes it worse is that it creates such unrest and unbalance it's wreaking havoc on every aspect of my life. When I finally manage to make it home, I don't want to take care of things like dishes or laundry and I don't have the energy I want to devote to my business and dreams.

Why do we do this? Why are we constantly putting so much pressure and expectancy on ourselves to get everything done as fast as we can? It's no wonder we're all burnt out and cranky. Where's the fun in any of that? Where's the joy of loving life? Where's the freedom to follow our dreams?

Do you remember what made you smile yesterday? How about last week? Maybe last month? What made you laugh or your heart sing? Can you remember?

If your answers are yes then congrats to you! You've found your balance and are making your own happiness. If you're still struggling, like me, you hate answering these questions 'cause it's always no. Life's a whirlwind of chaos and all those beautiful little moments of happiness get lost in the big picture.

That's why I'm making plans and working on simplifying my daily life. Getting rid of all those stressers (including my biggest: work), simplifying my to-do lists and enjoying every moment is at the top of my list for making life better everyday. I'm the only one who can make a change. I'm the only one who can manage my time and find my own balance so I'm no longer racing against time but enjoying it's flow.

'Til next time,


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