• Misty Gage

Power of Creation

Have you ever considered how much creativity means to you? I mean really considered it? When you do, I bet it's more than just a hobby. It may have started out that way but can you imagine your life without it?

I couldn't even imagine my life without creating. To tell you the truth, I don't even want to contemplate such a thing. The thought is simply horrifying!

Whether it's creating a beautiful work of art, a meaningful connection, the life we dream of or simply making something scrumptious for dinner, Creation (in my opinion) is one of the best blessings bestowed to us.

There's just something magnificent in using your imagination and your own two hands to create something special. Something you can share with the world that is all you. Something that shows the world through your eyes. Creation is an incredibly personal and spiritual endeavor that has the power to heal souls, bring people together and accomplish dreams. It's no wonder so many people love having lives of creativity.

Your soul is free to express itself, to let go of hurt and to share love. You can change lives with your creations.

For me, creativity is a way of life. It's freedom to explore something new everyday, to express who I am and how I feel and to share love with the world. It's joy to be a part of something outside myself, to connect with others like me and to see inspiration spread to others through my work.

What is creation to you? A passion rooted so deep you can't imagine life without it? Maybe a lifeline you've fully embraced to pull yourself through heartbreak? An outlet to escape from all the pressures of life? Perhaps it's simply an expression of everything you are and dream of becoming. It doesn't really matter what it is or why it started only that it's there and it's a part of you.

Love and embrace it, celebrate your creative freedom and power each and every day you're blessed with the ability to do so and share it freely with the world.

'Til next time,


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