• Misty Gage

Pinecone Roses

As a photographer and nature enthusiast, Mother Nature is by far my biggest inspiration. She makes so many gorgeous things!

While in my wanderings I tend to keep an eye out for things I can also incorporate into my crafting.

Take these mini pinecones for example...

Yeap, that's right! Those aren't flowers they are actually adorable mini pinecones I found on a walk one day. Who knew right!

I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, they looked just like tiny roses and knew I had to put them into a piece of art.

The world is full of possibilities when we know where to look.

1. Spray your pinecones using a spray ink of your choice. Let dry.

2. Paint your canvas. Let dry.

3. Paint the edges of your canvas if you choose.

3. Cut a square (or rectangle) of cardstock 2" smaller than your canvas so it fits perfectly in the center.

4. Use gel medium to adhere the cardstock to the center of your canvas.

5. Cut thin strips of cardstock and shape into your stems and leaves.

6. Adhere your stems/leaves to the canvas using gel medium.

7. Adhere your "roses" using an all purpose glue.

What you'll need:

Spray ink

Mini pinecones



Cardstock: one green and one patterned

Gel medium


Paper trimmer

All purpose glue

Happy Crafting,


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