• Misty Gage

Paper Lanterns

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Being stuck in a rut can seem like a really bad thing to most people but I believe it gives us a unique opportunity to look at things differently. Personally, it helps me step outside my comfort zone/normal activities and see things from a new perspective. It makes me take a closer look at the things around me and inspires me to try new things.

So, while lounging about (trying to get warm after an early morning hike) at the Paradise Inn in Mt. Rainier National Park last weekend I began examining the gorgeous lanterns they have hanging from the ceiling.

If you've never been, I highly recommend a visit. The historic Inn is amazing, cozy and full of history (just check out all the old photos) but make sure to take a peak at the ceiling!

Their lanterns inspired me so much I came home and made my very own version; on a much smaller scale of course and improvised with things I had around the house, but beautiful all the same.

1. Grab light colored cardstock with minimal patterns

2. Cut into three rectangles (sizes vary depending on what you like).

3. Using a pencil, sketch your designs onto each piece

4. Once your designs are exactly how you like, trace them in ink.

5. Using your favorite pens, color in your designs.

6. Using a tape runner, adhere the two ends together to create a cylinder.

7. And lastly, set them up for display and drop an LED tealight into each.

What you'll need:



Paper trimmer


Colored pen set

Tape runner

LED tealights

Happy Crafting,


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