• Misty Gage

Naturally Gifted

Mother nature is an amazing inspiration. Just look around; the colors, textures, macro scenes and landscapes. Everything you see can lead to endless possibilities.

My love of all things nature is something I share with my bestie, Aubrey, so when I saw this adorable fox at work a few weeks ago I was inspired to make something.

See, Aubrey loves foxes! So this one little miniature got all my juices flowing. The catch was how to make her a beautiful gift that would fit her soon to be lifestyle; her and her hubby are going to travel the country in a refurbished van for a while (I'm so JEALOUS!).

This means I had to get creative.

I stood there a few moments letting my inspiration lead me to the perfect gift. In such a small space anything large or elaborate won't work, it had to be something small. Then I had it, a magnet would be perfect, especially in a metal van. She can put it anywhere she wants or move it around.

After a few seconds I had the completed image in my head and went in search of all my supplies. Not only does it have a fox but it also has succulents (something else she loves) and natural pieces of WA (so she'll always remember her time here). This little magnet is going to be just perfect for her!

1. Paint your box and let dry.

2. Glue down your main object (fox).

3. Find a small tree branch and cut it down to size.

4. Glue the tree branch into the corner.

5. Glue down the moss (I live in WA so moss is ease to find here, it grows on everything).

6. Glue down the succulents and let everything dry.

7. Glue magnet strips to the back.

What you'll need:

Wooden box (mine is about 5"L x 3"H x 1"D)

Acrylic paint

Paint brush

All purpose glue

Miniature object

Tree branch



Magnet strips

Happy crafting,


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