• Misty Gage

Naturally Beautiful

I came across a photo of something similar to today's project in a magazine while I was at the library and became instantly inspired to create my own.

As you know I've been incorporating natural elements and extra splashes of color into my apartment to combat the gloomy winter weather. Well today's another cloudy day in WA (the lighting in my apartment stinks so I apologize for the photos, they're not the best) and I figured sharing my latest pretties would brighten my day.

Since I have a tendency to kill real plants I used some fake flowers but these natural beauties are perfect for real plants/flowers too.

1. Find a natural piece of wood you love with the bark still on it. I made two so I cut mine in half.

2. Add a sawtooth hanger to the back of your wood.

3. Secure a small screw eye in the center of the wood front spacing top to bottom however you'd like. Because my flowers are so tall I opted to set the jar lower, leaving more space above it than below.

4. Run your twine through the screw eye 2-3 times leaving big enough loops for your jar to fit through.

5. Insert the jar through all loops and tighten, tying with a bow to secure. I added a tiny bit of hot glue to the bow center for extra reinforcement.

6. Fill your jar with moss (or dirt/rocks). Please be advised that adding dirt or rocks may cause weight issues and you might need to secure the jar with additional screw eyes or other measures.

7. Add in your chosen flowers/plants and hang.

What you need:

Screw eye


Mason jar

Moss (dirt/rocks optional)



Flowers/plants (real or fake)

Happy Crafting,


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