• Misty Gage

My Spirit Soars

Inspiration comes in many forms; a beautiful piece of paper, a new technique, a beautiful bird I see while taking a walk and all I have to do is be open to the possibilities and amazing opportunities.

What inspires you to create and where will it lead?

1. Tear a 12x12" piece of cardstock into pieces. The less perfect the better.

2. Use gel medium and a paint brush to adhere them to your canvas.

3. Once the whole canvas is covered add a thin layer of gel medium over the whole thing and let dry.

4. Cut out a motif you love and adhere it to the canvas using your gel medium. Let dry.

5. Outline small details with acrylic.

6. Rub acrylic around the edge of your canvas for a distressed look. Let dry.

7. Using acrylic and your stencil paint on your phrase. Let dry.

What you'll need:



Gel medium

Foam brush

Small paint brush

Acrylic paint

Paper motif


Phrase stencil

Happy Crafting,


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