• Misty Gage

My Favorite Things

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

What makes your heart race and brings instant joy to your day? For me there are two things in my craft room I absolutely adore. The first and most important is my crafting companion, Coco.

Coco is my 13 year old German Shepard/Terrier/Chow mutt of love. She is the most precious thing to me in the whole world. After losing my 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, Shadow last year we are all that's left of the original family we created. Coco and I have been kindred souls since the first time I laid eyes on her at the pound. She was a tiny ball of fur abandoned at the young age of 6 weeks and in desperate need of love. I knew I had to bring her home! We've seen each other through many changes, losses and joys over the years and I pray she will see many more beautiful days in the years to come. It makes my heart happy knowing she is near, being able to reach down and give her a loving pat or taking a break and snuggling by her side.

The second, though no where near as beautiful as my Coco, is my trinket box.

Inside are dozens of tiny treasures I've collected, each one offering countless possibilities and inspiration. Even on days when I'm unable to give crafting the attention I'd like, I love browsing through this box. Each trinket sparks ideas and sends creativity rushing through my veins. It's a place where imagination comes to life and possibilities are endless. A sheer joy to behold and an even greater one to open.

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