• Misty Gage

My Cup of Tea Banner

Updated: Oct 8, 2018


LOVE all the amazing flavors, the health benefits and those little teacups are just to die for!

In celebration of my love for all things tea this little cutie hangs proudly in my studio. I hope to use it for a grown up tea party with my girlfriends one day but 'til then it will always have a loving place to hang.

1. Chose two cardstock patterns you love or go with your theme. I was lucky enough to come across a tea themed paper pack!

2. Cut five 6x6" squares from your base pattern.

3. Cut four 5x6" triangles from your primary pattern.

4. Cut a 4x5" rectangle from your primary pattern.

5. Glue the 6" side of your triangles to the top edge of four of your squares.

6. Glue your rectangle to the top edge (centered) of your last square.

7. Cut a length of ribbon the size of your banner plus eight inches for hanging.

8. Line your banner up and stretch your ribbon across the top making sure to center it so your hanging lengths are even.

9. Glue the ribbon to the banner at each corner.

10. Hand-cut or use a diecut machine to make six paper flowers. See a tutorial here.

11. Cut six 14" lengths of ribbon and fold in half.

12. Glue each folded length of ribbon to the back of a flower.

13. Glue the flower and ribbon to each corner of the banner.

14. Cut out your corresponding motifs (or stickers).

15. Using foam adhesive squares mount each motif into the center of your triangles.

16. Adhere your phrase to the center of your rectangle.

What you'll need:

Cardstock- 2 patterns, 1 phrase and 4 motifs/stickers

Paper trimmer



Scissors/diecut machine

Foam adhesive squares

Happy Crafting,


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