• Misty Gage

Making Monsters

Creating greeting cards offers endless possibilities, from gorgeously elaborate to simply elegant and everything in between.

They spread fun, laughter, hope and happiness to anyone who receives them and allows you, beautiful creative, to express yourself in countless ways.

Go wild and have fun with it!

1. Create a card base, mine is 5x7".

2. Cut your cardstock to 4.75x6.75" adhere to center of card base.

3. Use a hand punch to cut out two 1.5" circles. Adhere to cardstock where you want your eyes.

4. Use a hand punch to cut out 5-6 1" circles.

5. Cut each 1" circle in half for teeth.

6. Arrange teeth on card before adhering. Once you like the arrangement you can adhere them down.

7. Use a fine tip Sharpie to outline your eyes and teeth.

8. use your Sharpie to add in details like irises, eyelashes, moles or freckles.

What you'll need:

Cardstock: White, and two colors

Hand punches: 1" and 1.5"

Paper trimmer



Fine tip Sharpie

Happy Crafting,


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