• Misty Gage

Making Happy

If you've never experienced the feeling of being unloved, forgotten, invisible, worthless, unheard, misunderstood or under-appreciated I'm here to tell you that all of those things feel awful. They can cut you to the core, rip out your heart and make you consider if life is really worth living. And yes I'm speaking from experience. Growing up and well into my marriage these things combined with depression were a regular part of my life, even when I hid them from everyone. We all struggle with one thing or another. Everyone has there own issues and no one knows what's going on inside of someone else, no matter how "well you know them."

I know I'm not the best person, sometimes my own personal feelings backlash onto others, but having been the recipient of many of these terrible feelings I try really hard to be good to others. To make them feel special and loved whenever I can and I love going the extra mile to make someone's day extra special. We all love feeling special, cared about and thought of. It's human nature to want to be accepted and loved. If we all truly felt that, half of the worlds' problems would disappear over night.

I made this pretty floral bag to share a gift with a special friend. Though it's simple it still conveys how beautiful I think she is and that she is a true gift to me.

Remember something so simple could change someone's day. All I did was pick up an inexpensive craft bag from Dasio for $1.50. When I returned home I picked out one of my favorite sheets of 12x12 cardstock and glued it to the front of the bag.

Next I created three handmade flowers. They are super easy! Cute a circle however big you want then starting from the edge cut a spiral into the center. Now roll the flower starting from the outside edge again. Hold it tight for a couple of minutes then release so the flower can "bloom." When it's to your liking add a touch of hot glue to the center.

For the leaves you want to cut a square, any size you want. Holding the square diagonally (like a diamond) cut strips down towards the center on both edges. Make sure your strips match and not to cut all the way to the center. From here your going to take a strip from each edge and glue the tips together forming loops.

Now that the hard part's done, I added some sheer ribbon for a base then layered my leaves then flowers into the center. Rhinestones added a nice shine and a handwritten love note made the perfect finishing touch.

Making someone's day can be as simple as sharing a smile or giving a hug. Me, I like to make special things people can keep or reuse if they choose. Something that brings a smile to their face every time they see it. Crafting brings smiles of joy to my face every time so why not share that with others.

Have you made someone's day better today?

Happy Crafting,


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