• Misty Gage

Magic Doors

Life is full of moments. Some of which don't go to plan, like that blank post that got sent out this morning while I was at work for instance (my sincerest apologies by the way) can teach us valuable lessons and help us grow.

Others are grand, beautiful and will be remembered forever.

Then there are those tiny little moments, the ones we don't even notice but have a huge impact later on. Those are the moments that shape us, bring us closer to our goals, lead us on our journeys and often mean more then the most glamorous moments of our lives.

Since my divorce, I've learned to pay attention to more of them and they've lead me through some amazing doors. Doors to new friends, advances in my current career and into the pursuit of living my dreams.

By keeping an open mind and often times, reaching beyond my comfort zone I've given those doors a priority in my life.

Each is an opportunity, some to simply let go or to close a door. Other's lead to unexpected wonders and countless possibilities. You never know where that door will lead or even to whom right, but each one is worth exploring.

So lace up your hiking boots, throw on that "I'm going for it" smile and step on through that door...magic is waiting.

'Til next time,


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