• Misty Gage

Letting Go

I'm not a hoarder, but I'm definitely not a minimalist either. As a crafter, DIY enthusiast and upcycler it's a daily challenge to be a minimalist. Everything I see sparks inspiration and the gears in my head start cranking double time.

It's always "I can find something to turn that into" or "I'll use it someday." Well more often than not it finds a drawer or corner in my creative space and then it never leaves it. It lies there dormant day after day, month after month 'til I decided to do massive purging. Unfortunately once I find it again the whole vicious cycle starts all over again and soon it's placed safely back into waiting. Waiting for what though? Some grand idea or future I'm likely to never get to? Boy doesn't that sound spectacular.

So now I've decided to just let go. Doesn't matter about all the "what ifs" or "it could be-s", I am on a mission to purge and simplify. If it's in my hands and I know I haven't touched it in forever or I'm not going to use it right now for that brilliant project then it goes straight into the donation pile; no mess, no fuss and no more second thoughts.

As easy as that may should to some of you it's a massive challenge for me. My inner crafter and minimalist are constantly duking it out with victories on each side depending on the day. What's helping me is knowing that one day it will simply become routine. One that will save me tons of money, time, space and frustration in the long run (Yay! I feel lighter already).

Besides who knows when someone else will find a treasure they've been searching for when I finally let go.

'til next time,


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