• Misty Gage

Lady of Flowers

While revamping my craftroom today I came across my first mixed media project buried and forgotten underneath my bed. What a terrible place to find her! So I decided to bring her out into the light and give her the attention she desperately deserves.

This is my lady of flowers. I honestly can't recall how the idea for her came to be, it's been at least three years since I created her, all I can say is that I must have been in love with flowers at the time. I have a thing with creating women as many of my subjects, we all have such strength, love and beauty inside of us that deserves to be shared with the world. We are truly magnificent, don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

I started this project with a burlap canvas I'd picked up for dirt cheap at work at the end of the season. The pale color and easy texture added perfectly to the silent beauty I was trying to achieve. My next step was to draw out her face, add in shading and a little color for her lips. I also added fake eyelashes to give her a dimensional quality.

Once her face was ready I simply cut a long length of black cardstock to use as her hair base. At this point you can adhere it to her head and the canvas but be sure to leave a small portion at the bottom free so the frame can be sipped on at the end. Following your hair base arrange all of your flowers, I used silk ones, until the entire base is completely covered. I also added in some random leaves to give her a cohesive finish.

For the finishing touch I wrapped a few strands of twine around her "hair" and added a paper and vellum butterfly to the side, making a beautiful little hair accessory. For my frame I chose something super simple in an expresso finish so the focus remains on the beauty inside it. I also put a few glue gun drips throughout the flowers to create a water drop effect.

I think I did alright for my very first dimensional piece and I'm so glad that I found her again. She's already got my head spinning with new ideas! I hope she brings beautiful inspiration to you all as well.

Happy Crafting,


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