• Misty Gage

Kid's at Heart

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Do you remember what being a kid was like? That youthful innocence and joy? All that energy, those big dreams and amazing sense of adventure? The days when everything was sunshine and rainbows, when fun was all we had in mind and the future wasn't even a thought yet?

I do! And they were magnificent.

As adults we tend to let that innocence and joy fade away under mountains of pressure, rules and responsibilities. But why can't we have both? Why does life have to be so structured, boring, stressful and serious all the time?

Guess what?

It doesn't!!!

You are in control of your own life and YOU decide how to spend (or waste) each and every second you are given. Though I tend to have plenty of adventures and outings I haven't been a "kid" in forever.

When my twin sis used to live in town, playing with her kids was a good way to keep my heart young but they've since moved to a new home and playing went right out the window with them.

I think we forget that it's ok to be a kid. That it's fun to just let loose and to do as we please. And I'm convinced there are a ton of us out there that are just waiting for someone to give us the "ok" to do it.

Well why wait! Get out there and have some fun if that's what you want. Life's too short to sit around waiting for someone else to tell you its "okay".

Last weekend, some girlfriends and I did just that with a Kid's at Heart party in the park and it was such a blast. We colored in coloring books, played on the play equipment, blew bubbles, wore tutus, ate PB & J sandwiches, drank juice boxes, and had an awesome paint fight.

Boy did we have a great time!

It's amazing how refreshing a couple of hours in the park with no responsibilities was.

So put aside what you think adulting means, what you think is respectable or appropriate and set aside some time for a play date. You don't have to go all out but do something that really brings out the kid in you and have some fun.

It'll be an unforgettable afternoon that's well worth your time.

'til next time,


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