• Misty Gage

Just 3 Easy Steps

Last week I promised a tutorial for creating the wire leaves I used in my Russell Stover Mixed Media Box: Part 5 post.

So without further delay here it is; short, simple and as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Cut and fold

Cut a length of jewelry (or other pliable) wire to desired length. Length will depend on the size leaf you want to create; big leaf = longer wire, small leaf = shorter wire. Fold your length of wire in half twice, you should now have 4 strands of wire (don't cut these apart).

2. Twist

Hold one end of your wires in your left hand. Use your right index finger to twist your wires together, wrapping them around your finger in a continuous motion. Your wire should NEVER be tight around your finger as you twist.

3. Shape and embellish

Once all the wires are twisted into one, begin shaping your leaf. Twist your wire together at the open-ends and pinch the top together to create a leaf shape. For added embellishment twist a small strand of wire from the leaf's tip to the base.

What you'll need:

Jewelry wire (I use 24 gauge)

Wire cutters

Small needle nose pliers (optional, for better grip).

Happy Crafting,


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