• Misty Gage

Inspired by Others

Having only recently fallen in love with Stampington & Company and their many fabulous publications I stumbled upon May’s issue of Artful Blogging a few weeks back and again found my desire to share overwhelming. Blogging has peeked my interest many times in the past; I’ve even started a blog or two, though I’ve never followed through with them.

I always feel like I have something worth sharing but can never narrow it down to one main topic. After reading my new copy of Artful Blogging it was easy to see that a blog with a "topic" could easily incorporate everything I actually wanted to write about. There goes excuse number one. I also couldn't get past the feeling everything I wrote was inadequate once I saw it in writing.

So I started visiting blogs from the stories I'd read and guess what? Those lead me to more and more blogs that I feel in love with. Simply because of the topic and the wonderful women writing them. So seriously! That was just me being a chicken plain and simple...goodbye excuse number two. And last but not least my arch nemesis "It’s just so much to keep up with" and "falls by the wayside" when work and life get crazy. Well tough! If I want to make this happen then I'm just going to have to stop making excuses. It's that easy.

Reading through Artful Blogging’s many articles reassured me that my fears and insecurities are valid and that many of us share them. It gave me the inspiration boost and courage I so desperately needed. And the photos! Don’t even get me started…they are to die for and have certainly inspired me to up my photography game. Taking the photos is no longer enough for me. Now I’m constantly looking for ways to tell the story within the photograph.

Blogging is still a lot of work and it's just as scary putting myself out there but at least now I know I’m not alone and where to turn for beautiful inspiration when I need it.

I hope that each of you enjoys coming along on my creative journey and if you're ever unsure if blogging's right for you or scared you can't do it just remember most of us have been there and we're all here rooting for you too!

'Til next time,


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