• Misty Gage

Inspire Me Banner

Banners are by far one of the easiest crafts to make but I love them because of the endless variety and possibilities they offer.

With minimal effort, supplies and time you can create something that highlights your theme and adds the perfect touch to just about anything you can think of.

So without further adieu, Inspire Me.

1. Find a cardstock you absolutely love that matches the theme or feeling your going for along with complimentary color cardstock and an accent color.

2. Cut 2.75x6" rectangles from your primary sheet of cardstock. Make sure you cut enough to spell out your word.

3. Using an edge punch, punch the bottom edge of each rectangle and set aside.

4. Cut the corresponding number of 3x6" rectangles from your complimentary color.

5. Glue the top edges of your primary rectangles to the top edges of your complimentary rectangles, making sure to center each.

6. Using your accent color, cut the letters by hand or with a diecut machine. You can also use stickers to save time.

7. Adhere your letters to the center of each rectangle.

8. Punch a hole in the top corners of rectangle.

9. Cut a length of twine, yarn or ribbon that's 1.5 times as long as your banner length.

10. Starting on your first letter, tie a double knot through the left hole and then the right hole. Make sure you leave enough twine at the end to hang your banner.

11. Repeat step ten for the rest of your letters, leaving only 1/4" to 1/2" gap in between each.

12. Leave enough twine at the end to hang your banner and trim the rest.

What you'll need:

Paper trimmer

Precision scissors, diecut machine or stickers

Cardstock- primary color, complimentary color and accent color


Edge punch

Standard hole punch


Twine, yarn or ribbon

Happy Crafting,


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