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I'm SO Good

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Over the last two weeks I've shared challenges I picked up from Lisa Jacobs at Handmadeology. We've determined what we want out of life and examined our everyday activities we don't like doing.

Are you seeing more clearly yet?

Is an action plan forming in your head?

Great and that's amazing but we have one more challenge before we can get started.

So here's this week's challenge.

Challenge: Use the chart above (or your own variation) to highlight what you're AMAZING at! Don't be shy, everyone is amazing at something. It's our God given talent that makes us like no other. Be proud of yours and show it to the world.

Make sure to monitor all of your activities throughout the week. Some of your favorite/best activities may be the most mundane.

Commit and get at least 5 of each down in writing.

Here are some ideas from Lisa and I to get you started:

Dancing, cleaning, sports, packing, gift wrapping, crafting (get specific!), organizing, writing, exercising, care-giving, cooking/baking, teaching, marketing/promoting your business, socializing, decorating, throwing parties, dog walking, babysitting, painting nails, planning trips, financial planning/budgeting, shopping, etc.

'til next time,


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