• Misty Gage

I Dream of Nature

Mother nature has always been a huge inspiration for me and the older I get the louder she calls. Her wild whimsy sings to my soul and challenges me to rethink everything in my world, even my favorite dream catcher.

In need of a simple change, I decided a new dream catcher was in order and the results are beautiful.

1. Browse youtube.com for a dreamcatcher pattern you love.

2. Using your wreath, sinew, and video, weave your dreamcatcher pattern.

3. Depending on the size of your wreath, cut several lengths of greenery.

4. Wind the ends of your greenery into the bottom of your wreath and secure.

5. Cut a long length of ribbon, yarn or twine.

6. Starting at one end of your greenery, wrap your ribbon/yarn/twine tightly around your wreath and greenery. Secure the ends with hot glue.

7. Glue as many flowers or succulents around the bottom edge as you desire.

8. Add a small length of ribbon/yarn/twine to the top for hanging.

What you'll need:

Wood wreath



Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Flowers or succulents


Happy crafting,


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