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Holly Hooper of The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Several months back I had the privilege of attending an in-house small business vendor fair one of my friends hosted. Not only was it an awesome experience but I had the privilege of meeting some great people as well.

Now, I'd love to introduce you to Holly Hooper of The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder. She specializes in creating one of a kind tooth fairy holders for children.



Misty: Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

Holly: Hello! My name is Holly. I am a mother of two children and wife of an army veteran. This interview has landed in my lap at a very exciting time! July 15th I made the transition from SAHM- stay at home mom- to a full time worker! Though I am on a mission to become a tower crane operator, I will be operating a "haul truck: for the time being. It's a great foot in the door and a job I'm happy to go to every day! Yay!

Misty: What lead you to start The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder?

Holly: About 8 years ago, my son lost his first tooth. I always love to make occasions like this super special for the kids. I quickly rummaged through my treasure box of craft supplies and found materials that would become "The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder."

Misty: What made you transition from hobby to business?

Holly: I have always been an independent woman. I enjoy being able to support myself mentally and physically. When I made the decision to pursue my career, I knew I needed to pay for clothing, training and certifications. I wanted to financially contribute towards this as much as possible. Being a SAHM wasn't going to help in this situation so I turned my crafts into a form of income.

Misty: Do you remember the moment you realized this was your creative calling?

Holly: I think that feeling was almost instant. Celebrating the loss of my son's tooth, the excitement of the tooth fairy coming and having a special place to leave his tooth for her was a magical event. With every tooth fairy holder I sell, my hope is that the young recipient will experience the same magic that we shared in our house the first night the tooth fairy came.

Misty: What do you love most about running a creative business?

Holly: I truly love when others love my product. It's the reason I do it.

Misty: What do you consider most unique about The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder?

Holly: The time and thought that goes into each holder. Not only do I decide how to reveal the pattern, but I also hand-cut and stich each one. They take about 1-2 hours to make from start to finish. No fancy machine here. Just a needle, thread, scissors and these hands.

Misty: What do you enjoy most about creating The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder?

Holly: Seeing the toothless smiles of the kids that are using them.

Misty: How did you develop an interest in crafting?

Holly: I think my interest was fed by the enjoyment. I love starting with a blank slate, creating and then revealing the final product. You never know what it's going to look like until you step back and explore the finished piece with your eyes. That's really where my interest starts.

Misty: Was creativity part of your upbringing?

Holly: Not that I remember. I was raised by a single father who worked a lot. I know I liked to color and paint but I don't think it went much beyond that unless it was an outside opportunity.

Misty: Were you a creative/artistic child growing up?

Holly: Yes, I think so. I vividly remember having a creative imagination and always enjoying crafts when I had the opportunity to do them.

Misty: You're a new addition to a crayon box, what color are you and why?

Holly: Hummmmmm, some sort of bright, neon orange. I'm loud, vibrant and bubbly but still come from a grounded source (originally a primary color). I'd call the color "crazy cool."

Misty: What does a day-in-the-life of Holly Hooper consist of?

Holly: Oh, Lordy...I'll call it "organized chaos." We live an hour or more from the kids school, their sports activities and family. We have our routine down but we are constantly on the go. Once place where consistency is key, is family time. We always eat around the table and always make time for communication.

Misty: When did you start making handmade tooth fairy holders?

Holly: 8 years ago.

Misty: How do you choose your materials, colors and patterns?

Holly: I always look for patterns that will apply to everyone. I know kids like a variety of things and that's what I like to provide. I truly feel that kids can find a pattern they love and I'm always open to custom orders. I've done many of them.

Misty: What's your favorite part of the day?

Holly: Mid-day coffee!!

Misty: What words do you live by?

Holly: Make yourself happy. When you are happy, everything else falls perfectly into place. Happiness is strength, wisdom, power and so much more.

Misty: What was your creative mission when you started out?

Holly: My starting mission was to make kids smile and that hasn't changed at all.

Misty: How would you like people to remember you and The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder?

Holly: As a genuine person behind a genuine craft. As a mother who wants nothing more that to provide for her family and make people smile at the same time.

Misty: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Holly: Besides all the smiles? Being able to purchase all of my work clothing, boots and other related work accessories was a huge achievement. It was a goal that I could check off the list!

Misty: To what do you attribute your success?

Holly: Determination. It's ok to step back and take a break but never give up. If it's something you really want and/or want to do.

Misty: What's your biggest struggle?

Holly: In my business? Time

Misty: What tips would you give to someone trying to break into the handmade business industry?

Holly: Promote! Your items are going to sell themselves.

Misty: If you had one piece of advice to give someone starting out, what would it be?

Holly: If you enjoy it, keep at it but don't push yourself so hard that you risk losing joy.

Misty: What's your least favorite part of being a creative entrepreneur?

Holly: Trying to figure out online selling. Nothing makes you feel old like trying to keep up with the social media slang. #ifeelold

Misty: Looking back what's the one thing you'd do differently?

Holly: I don't have an answer for this. I'm totally content where I have landed.

Misty: What's the most important lesson you've learned as a creative entrepreneur?

Holly: That you can set goals and achieve them. It takes work but you can do anything you set your mind to.

Misty: Are there any special causes The Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder contributes to?

Holly: I donate $1 per sale to Operation Snowstorm. They are a small non-profit in Houston, TX who provide real snow storms to children with cancer and are terminally ill. Please take the time to check them out!

Misty: Where do you sell your tooth fairy holders?

Holly: Facebook, Instagram and eBay. All inventory is listed on Facebook @Theperfecttoothfairyholder

Misty: Any parting words for our readers?

Holly: If you made it this far, THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoyed my story and if you needed it, I hope it provided some inspiration.

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