• Misty Gage

Hand Lettering

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

After information overload, I decided my last class at last weekend's retreat should be something fun and calming so I decided to take an introduction hand lettering workshop with Chelsea Snow of Snow Made.

We went through several basic steps to "unlearn" lettering before tackling our creative project. We had to pick a shape and a poem/quote (at random) and fit the writing into the shape however we wanted using the techniques we'd been practicing.

1. Sketch your shape.

2. Block it off into sections based on your poem/quote.

3. Pencil in your words.

4. Trace around your letters, in any style you'd like, with a fine tip pen.

5. Erase all of your pencil marks.

6. Color in all the space around your new letters.

What you'll need:

Fine tip pen

Marker (Copic or comparative)

Sketchbook or paper



Not only was it easy, it was also very relaxing. Let your brain rest while your creativity leads the way!

Happy Crafting,


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